Below are pages I made for clubs
to present information about them:

CLUB RE-STARTING! San Luis Valley Renegades, near Del Norte, Colorado
Flint Hills Muzzleloaders

Missouri Fur Company
Devil's Ditch Renegades
Chetopa Creek Gun Club
Chief Black Dog's Trail Muzzleloading Club
The Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association
Renegade Freetrappers
Smoky Hill Free Trappers
Duck Creek Muzzleloaders

...and below are links to clubs that have Web pages
as well as other useful Websites...
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My Favorite Resource!
Pre-1840s Events & Black Powder Clubs Finder
United Nebraska Muzzleloaders Association (UNMLA)
Colorado State Muzzle Loading Association (CSMLA)
South Wind Muzzleloaders
Kansas Muzzleloading Association
Keith Garber's "Thanks for stopping by the fire"
Three Rivers Muzzleloaders
Tall Hawk Brown's Website
Kansas Traditional Muzzleloading Association
Prairie Longrifles
Mountain Man Mafia: Events & Photos
Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association
Flint Hills Muzzleloaders :  a Texas Rendezvous website
Trappers Of Starved Rock
Garden State Black Power Association
Mountain Men Traditions
(A FaceBook Discussion Forum)
War Eagles Society

(A group of reenactors who are honorably discharged veterans)

New York State Muzzleloaders Association
Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men
Rendezvous Ohio
(Events In Eastern U.S.)

...And Many More To Come!

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