Sonny "Patch" Saunders

  There was story after story about things "Patch" did and said, all of the stories provoking laughter and another memory of yet another story, followed with more laughter. If Patch could have been there, he would have had more stories to tell us. But Sonny "Patch" Saunders left us on Sept. 3, 2006, while setting up for a rendezvous, and his friends had gathered together to remember him. He brought first-rate handmade trade goods to every rendezvous he could attend. More importantly, he brought his enthusiasm and humor. What he left behind are a lot of good memories and trade items that are in a lot of camp boxes that are being used to make even more good memories. Most importantly, he was an example by how he served others doing something he loved to do. The Flint Hills Photo Gallery is dedicated to Patch.  We all miss ya, Patch, your family and a bunch of us buckskinners and cowboys and outlaws miss ya. We'll probably see ya again, at your trade table set up just outside the Pearly Gates.

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