Mountain Men Traditions Facebook Page

      This is a forum of people interested in the 17-1800's Mountain Men of the American Old West. Feel free to join and discuss skills, survival techniques, camping, hunting, trapping, and of course rendezvous! Understand we don't frown upon modern outdoor discussion either (about that new deer stand you got or modern trapping tips).
Feel free to post the occasional sale item you think could be passed along or if you are looking for a particular item (whether period or modern).
I will assume you joined the group understanding and respecting the traditions that made America great, including and not limited to respect your elders, no discrimination, appropriate language for all ages (mountain man adulthood is what 9?), and though discussion and debate are welcome try to not get into public arguments.
I myself am a Christian (conservative type) but would ask we all be respectful of differing views on religion, politics, and the such and focus on our hobbies that bring us together.

Jarrod Pfalser

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