Mission Statement

  The mission is to bring together as members, those persons interested in historic and living history reenactments for the purpose of research and performance education. Through the study of archaeology, the Smoky Hill Free Trappers are able to reenact to cultural lifestyles and activities from the years of the Long Hunter era of the Mountain Man in North America. This era was an uncivilized frontier period during the fur trade era of 1740-1840. This includes the making of authentic period clothing, crafts, cooking. and other ways of life to the competition and merry-making of the annual rendezvous. We strive to provide accurate public education about historical crafts and folklore through offering exhibits, demonstrations. rendezvous, and encampments.

About Our Club

   The name of our club is The Smoky Hill Free Trappers. We were formed in June of 1994 in Junction City, Kansas. Started by a group of people that were interested in re-enacting the frontier era during the fur trading years of 1740 - 1840. We also wanted to learn the ways of life that our pioneer settlers lived. During outings, we take nothing with us but what will relate to the era that we are portraying. Members live and eat as closely as possible to the ways of the mountain men.


   The site is one mile South of I-70, exit 300, off Hwy 57,
between Junction City and Fort Riley, Kansas


  In May of each year we have our annual rendezvous. We invite other clubs across the state as well as the public to participate. At this event. you will see the reenactors competing in knife and tomahawk throwing, shooting metal and paper targets, fire starting , skillet tossing and a costume contest. All of our activities are performed with the utmost safety. A Ladies Afternoon Tea has recently been added for the ladies in camp. We give demonstrations to schools to educate and inform the public of the way in which people lived, cooked, and dressed.



  The club holds a monthly meeting the second Friday of each month (except December), We meet at Tyme Out Lounge in Grandview Plaza, Junction City, KS at 6:30 p.m. We currently have about 20 members. Anyone interested in becoming a member of our organization may contact any of the following people:

Jimmy Lee (785)-258-2863
George Kuntzman (785) 349-2656

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